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free website hosting

Here at Pro Hosting we offer a free web hosting plan to our customers to enable them to experience our hosting services without the monthly fee. These free hosting accounts have all the features of our paid plans and are only limited by how many email accounts you can have and the storage quota. 

The free hosting plans allow you to create a basic website or a WordPress website using our dynamic app installer. There is also a free site builder application which has 250 premium themes. Now you can create a stunning website in only a few clicks. These plans are perfect for simple static website to get your domain name online at no cost. We do require that customers who order these free website hosting plans to either order a new domain name or transfer an existing domain name to our services. This prevents abuse of this service.

What features do you get with the free hosting plan?

Disc Storage:

To host your domain name you get 100Mb of disc space, this may seem like a small amount but standard static sites are less that 100Mb in size so creating a free site with our tools is as easy as 123.

Bandwidth Quota:

The free hosting plans come with 1000Mb of bandwidth. This is used for incoming and outgoing traffic to and from your website. This includes data being sent fro your email accounts. If you need additional bandwidth or storage you can simply upgrade to one of out Pais hosting plans.

Free Site Builder:

Our free site builder allows you to create stunning websites with only a few clicks. There are over 250 premium themes to choose from to create a website. Included with the site builder are additional plugins to add contact forms, drop down menus and add a blog style page to your website.

Free Site Builder Themes
MySQL Database:

With the free website hosting plans you have the option to use 1 database. This can be used when creating WordPress websites or any other sites which require a database to be used when creating the website. You don’t need skills in creating these types of websites as we have the installer applications which do this for you in one or two clicks.

Free Email Accounts:

Depending on if you choose our Free Plesk Hosting Plan or our Free cPanel Plan you will have the option to create email accounts. These email accounts are full featured accounts with POP and IMAP services including options for webmail services if you need to access your email through a web browser. Included with the email accounts is the Spam Assassin application which helps to stop spam emails from coming into your inbox.

One Click Installer:

We provide a simple but powerful application installer to allow customers to install applications like WordPress, Joomla and many other applications without needing to know any coding.  The application installer is available directly from the Web host control panel and automatically selects the required settings so it just a matter of point and click.

Free SSL Certificate:

With our free hosting plans you will also be able to install a free ssl certificate for your website. This is a must if you want to have your website listed on google search and if you want your website to show in a web browser with a warning that it is not secure. We provide the Lets’s Encrypt SSL certificate services which renews every 90 days automatically. You can also choose from our paid SSL Certificates the likes of Rapid SSL for additional compatibility with browsers.

To summarise, our free website hosting plans are perfect for people wanting to host their domain names. Have email services without a monthly fee. You have access to all the features of any of our paid hosting plans. Many of our paid plan customers started of on one our free plans, when their websites outgrew the resources of the free hosting they simply clicked on the upgrade option in their control panel and upgraded to a larger hosting plan with more disk space or additional email accounts. So if you are looking to start a website and don’t want to spend money testing things out then our Free Website Hosting Plans are perfect.

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