Our root servers give you your own server that seamlessly closes the gap between a virtual and a dedicated server. Our root servers are servers give you full root (Linux) or administrator (Windows) privileges. You get guaranteed resources of the RAM and the CPU cores for your server as well as your own dedicated hard disks. This ensures you get the full i / o performance on SATA or SSD hard drives.

Dedicated Root Servers

Server S 2.0


Dedicated Root Servers

Server M 2.0


Dedicated Root Servers

Server L 2.0


Dedicated Root Servers

Server XL 2.0



Reliable server hosting doesn’t need to be expensive. At Pro Hosting you will always find the right Dedicated Root Server for your application. Whether the server is for a Mail Server, Database Server, Web Server or just for data-backup, Server Hosting from Pro Host provide affordable Root Servers. Dedicated Root Servers provide the quick implementation of your choice of platform and control of your data. The servers are hosted in a Tier III data center using the latest technology.

Choice of Operating Systems

The root servers are available with Linux as well as with the Windows operating system. Install Linux such as Debian, Ubuntu or openSUSE.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

We offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee. As with any computer system and network there will be times when we need to upgrade and replace hardware.

Next Generation Hardware

The next generation server are used to deploy virtualisation. Get an affordable Root servers built on Next Generation hardware.


You get full root access to the servers to allow you to administer any changes without any restrictions. Use popular tools like putty to access via the ssh root console.


Optimise the performance of your root server by selecting an SSD when ordering your server and increase I/O performance to 94,000 IOPS.


Your dedicated root servers are connected to our 340 GB backbone with 1,000 Mbps to give you that bandwidth when you really need it.