Dedicated Root Servers

Same great performance at an affordable price point

Administrator Root Access

You get full root access to the servers to allow you to administer any changes without any restrictions. Use popular tools like putty to access via the ssh root console.

SSD Performance Booster

Optimise the performance of your root server by selecting an SSD when ordering your server and increase I/O performance to 94,000 IOPS.

Remote Management

Connect to the management control panel of your server using your own dedicated server control panel. Manage all servers in one panel.

Hardware Features

Your root server is built using the latest Apollo Gen9 series from Hewlett-Packard. This is a tried and tested platform for reliability and performance enhancements.

Great Support

All our servers are supported 24/7 by certified systems administrators so that you can have peace of mind that your systems are online and available to you.

1,000Mps Network Speed

Your dedicated root servers are connected to our 340 GB backbone with 1,000 Mbps to give you that bandwidth when you really need it.

Root Server M

R575.00 per month

2 cores
8 GB of RAM
1 x 1,000 GB HDD or
1 x 240 GB SSD
1,000 MBit Outbound Net
Plesk Onyx included

Dedicated server L

R880.00 per month

4 cores
2 x 1,000 GB HDD or
2 x 240 GB SSD
1,000 MBit Outbound Net
Plesk Onyx included

Dedicated server XL

R1195.00 per month

6 cores
2 x 2,000 GB HDD or
2 x 240 GB SSD
1,000 MBit Outbound Net
Plesk Onyx included

Dedicated server XXL

R1599.00 per month

8 cores
3 x 2,000 GB HDD or
3 x 240 GB SSD
1,000 MBit Outbound Net
Plesk Onyx included

Dedicated Root Servers - Cheap Performance Servers

The Dedicated Root Server range are our cheap performance servers when you need reliable servers at a cheap price. As an example when running a small to medium eCommerce website with low to medium volumes of traffic then these systems are ones to go for. These servers fall under our Silver SLA service which means any issues with these servers are dealt with on high priority.

These cheap servers have the ability to run either SATA Hard Disk Drives or alternatively you can choose our SSD high-performance drives to boost your servers speed.

Dedicated Root Servers deliver the right balance of performance, storage, reliability, manageability and efficiency to meet the needs of small to medium applications and websites, blogs and stores. Managed by your very own dedicated server control panel where all your servers will be listed and managed in one central control panel.

Server Software
Hosting Admin Panels
Great Server Features
Network Infrastructure

Linux and Windows Operating Systems
OS with Debian 8.0
OS with CentOS 7
OS with Ubuntu 14.04
OS with Windows Server 2012 R2
OS with Windows Server 2008 R2
OS with Windows Server 2016

Plesk Panel
Single control panel with an intuitive graphical interface, ready-to-code environment and powerful extensions. Everything you need to develop websites and apps that scale to your needs. Web Host 30 domain is free or upgrades to Unlimited Domains.

1,000 MBit Connection
Apollo Gen9 generation from Hewlett Packard
HDD or SSD hard drives
Dedicated Server Control Panel
Support staffed 24/7

Connection to our 340 GBit backbone
The fastest server and the fastest server farm would be nothing without a high-performance connection. The redundant 10-gigabit rack connection allows you to go directly into one of the core routers, from which it goes directly to the 340 GBit external connection. A dedicated backbone network that offers the highest bandwidths and lowest latencies at 340 Gbit.